Pushing my talents further, with a little help from St Lou Fringe

Darrious Varner, aka DDare Bionic, of St Lou Fringe act Same Difference

Fringe Festivals across the country have always been a great way for new and continuing acts to freely express their talents. Because Fringe has always been about providing a place for artists to explore their medium, there’s always an interesting mix of shows and genres created by really talented people.

One of the things I appreciate the most about St Lou Fringe is that it really pushes for new acts to bring whatever they want. There's no limit (ok, I'm sure there is some kind of limit) to what we are allowed to bring to the table. Artists are able to express themselves in the medium that suits their work or talents, and that encourages experimentation and variation, which is important to our growth as artists and performers.

For example, Same Difference will be presenting what is basically a concert. All of the music and the story line are co-written by Jaz (Tucker) and myself. As I hear about some of the other things that are happening and what some of these acts have come up with, I get so pumped because the talent level is so high. We are among 31 of the best companies and talents in the St. Louis area and to be in that group is an honor. It makes us want to bring our A-Game. It is also a little daunting. Most people don't know us as musicians, but the response we have gotten from gigs and single releases has been astronomical and that in-and-of-itself is humbling.

I'm thankful that I live in a city where the arts community is so involved and so supportive. The best way to see that? St Lou Fringe. It is the hub of art, culture, theatre, music, innovation, and everything else you can think of. And I think the best thing is, Executive Director Matt Kerns has the artists' needs at heart. Everything he does is to benefit our productions. Be it partnering with magazines, getting the word out via radio and television interviews, or setting up promo shoots in his apartment, he 100% has all of our best interests in mind. It is so comforting to know the person running the show believes in ALL of the shows.

St. Lou Fringe 2017 definitely is the truest and rawest form of its very own hashtag: #VoicesUnleashed. From August 18 to August 26, 2017, 31 producers and their creative teams will unleash their voices on the city of St. Louis, and I’m pretty excited that Same Difference is one of those acts!

DARRIOUS VARNER, Fringe Artist: Same Difference is a creative musical collaboration between Darrious Varner and Jaz Tucker. The idea started as a YouTube channel featuring skits and movie reviews the duo decided to pursue their joint love of writing and creating music, and Same Difference – Music was born!

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