From Fan to Staff to Fringe Family: I found my place in the arts at Fringe

Five years ago I attended the second St Lou Fringe Festival as an audience member. The venue was comfortable and intimate. The show was surprisingly entertaining. The audience was excited and engaged. The staff was warm and friendly. The entire experience left me rethinking my ideas about live theatre.

The following year I submitted an original play and was accepted to produce at the 2014 St Lou Fringe Festival. The experience was unforgettable! I couldn’t stop there. I applied to be on the staff of FRINGE!

The 2015 Festival had me, as an official staff member, in the middle of a life changing experience. I met people from all over the country, and world, that were on the cutting edge of art. They pushed my mind and heart to understand and witness new and evolving art. Staying true to the original intent of Fringe; everyone was accepting, inclusive, inviting, helpful, and truly excited.

This year will mark my second year helping to produce Fringe Family Day. Saturday, August 19th from 10am - 2pm in Strauss Park, families are invited to join us for performances and interactive stations throughout this beautiful gem of a park across the street from the historic Fox Theatre in St. Louis. On this day you can just sit back, have a snack, and watch exciting performances. You can also join in on the fun and interact with performances! The stations in the park are all designed to immerse the participants in the creation and experience of art in many forms. All are welcome. Fun is guaranteed. Leave with fond memories that will have your family and friends inspired.

Come on. Be FRINGIE with me. You know you wanna…

Tracy Busalacchi Bono, St Lou Fringe Staff: A busy mom with a passion for free expression, inclusiveness, and accessibility, Tracy has transformed the Fringe by inviting to the whole family to participate in a day of interactive fun through art, storytelling, and theater. She also possess the super powers

of positivity and endless energy, while personifying the phrase "be the change you want to see in the world."

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