Taking “The Bothered” from concept to Fringe

Our devised work seeks out an answer to one question; Why do we hide away the things we fear? It seems like a simple question, yes? We answer it with, “because we fear it.” But it is much more than that. A simple answer is not what we are looking for or exploring. We must reach inside ourselves, as a creative team, and discuss those fears, both those we wear on our sleeves, such as spiders or heights, but more importantly, the fears we don’t want to share with anyone. Those fears we don’t want to share are a tough subject to broach through interaction with others, but it is something that is always on our minds as human beings.

Along with that question, we are integrating elements from the horror genre as well as the Theatre of Cruelty movement from the 1930s. We aren’t necessarily going to have monsters running around on stage but you may see some ritual of the hereafter. The idea is to form, through the fundamentals of horror and the Theatre of Cruelty, a unique performance geared toward answering our question as well as entertaining our audience.

For those of you who are new to devised work here is a little description about our process and how it works:

Devised work is hard. The cast and artistic team must create a script utilizing long form improvisation first and foremost. Pile on top of that the application of music, theatre techniques like Viewpoints and Suzuki, other movement styles, mime, writings, utilization of the five senses and more and you have your work cut out for you. Then, we record and transcribe the process into the first draft of the script. Once that process is complete, it comes time to refine. We dissect the scenes and rebuild them with stronger dialogue and crisper blocking. It truly is a feat that is worth being proud of.

Having the chance to showcase our abilities in conjunction with the St Louis Fringe Festival is a great opportunity. The festival allows shows such as ours and others to gain recognition and share our craft with a wider public than we would normally see. It is a blessing and a joy to be a part of such a wonderful two weeks of theatre.

Our goal is to share with you our fears and how we can construct an entire show with them. Our goal is to tell a story that will make you ask questions about your fears. Our goal is to create a show that will be crafted through the devising process. Our goal is to give you something unique to enjoy.

The Rogue Theatre Co. is a creative, collaborative group of artists seeking to stir passion, education and imagination in the theatre by providing thought provoking, intimate and engaging theatrical experiences that challenge and inspire the community. We seek to confront audiences with provocative, edgy new works as well as re-imagined classics. We serve the Metro-East community of burgeoning artists of all ages who seek to cultivate their craft through classes, workshops, and other forms of artistic endeavors. Imagination, collaboration and education are our base to becoming an active member and theatrical inspiration in our community.

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