• The Vicious Hillbilly or Dating in the Deep South
    Have you tried online dating? In the South? As a progressive woman? It’s brutal. It’s depressing. It’s soul-sucking. A poignant comedy, the show combines original songs, stick figures, and the online dating journey of one progressive woman living in the deep South.
  • Trainwreck
    Trainwreck is a toy theatre piece poking fun at literary dead white guys and their objectification of women. Are we willing to re-envision a canon?
  • Un/Packing
    Laughter is the best tool for breaking down toxic masculinity. 1 performer, 20 characters, all packed into a single suitcase. by Nicolas Shannon
  • Quarantini with Deenie Nast
    Oscar winner, Two-time Tony Award Winner and six time Kevin Kline Award Nominated Deenie Nast, is back in St Louis once again!  This time, Deenie invites you into her very personal space for a ridiculous exploration of quarantine, with some songs, a drink or two, and general Nast-iness.
  • Emerging in Unity
    Emerging in Unity explores the strength of women, pushing through obstacles and emerging while supporting each other, then sharing strength.
  • Grief Play
    "In 1348, Francesco Petrarcha wrote a letter describing his grief over the death of his brother who caught the plague. In 2020, Critique Theatre company spent the summer picking apart the sinews of mourning in the age of the virus.
  • Three Rivers
    Three Rivers is a post apocalyptic look at St. Louis. Two travellers find themselves in an abandoned St. Louis and run into members of St. Louis Underground. The visitors learn about St. Louis' past and present and discover some thing about themselves.
  • Pencil the Date
    Pencil the Date, a new musical set in 1984, tells a story of today through the lens of yesterday with the constant tension of being at the edge of adulthood.
  • All We Did Was Blink
    All We Did Was Blink is a peculiar piece of theater that will undoubtedly capture what is left of your attention span. AWDWB exposes the human condition and its irresistible irregularities, illuminating how quickly people and their stories pass us by every single day. One swipe. One click. One blink
  • HERstory of HISTory
    This is our refuge where we rename our worth with words we've wrapped around our scars.